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The Honour House Cup and World Police Fire Games

Our history

1697s RUGBY CLUB was founded by local firefighters, Adam & Katie Gordon in an effort to build a bigger rugby community in the Prince George area and connect players across the North. Currently 1697s Rugby is recruiting players  for the upcoming World Police and Fire Games 2025 being held in Birmingham Alabama starting at the end of July. This will be the first games to include paramedics and volunteer firefighters.

The Honour House Cup is a charity tournament created to raise money and awareness for The Honour House Society. The Honour House Society supports first responders and veterans when they are most in need. Who takes care of first responders? The Honour House Society does.  Vancouver SmokeEaters, Justice RFC, Flatliners RFC and Surrey Hoseloads RFC have competed in this tournament over the years and one day 1697s Rugby will too.

First Responders and Rugby: About
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