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About Us

Our history

1697s RUGBY CLUB began in the Fall of 2019 as a project to unite first responders and law enforcement agencies through the sport of rugby. Based out of Prince George British Columbia, 1697s RUGBY CLUB drew attention from communities like Fort St.John, Williams Lake, Kitimat and even as far away as Powell River. The club holds a unique place in Canada and the first responder rugby community.

1697s RUGBY CLUB offers youth and adult rugby memberships in addition to promoting the first responder rugby program.

Through the pandemic, a void was created for rugby in Prince George and the rest of Canada. Many athletes and coaches left the sport and very few new ones had a connection to the sport. In 2022, some of our members started coaching at the high school level which created a new direction for 1697s RUGBY. Youth rugby would become priority #1 to rebuild the rugby community in the region and create new leaders for tomorrow.

As not-for-profit society, we rely on memberships, fundraisers and community partners to fund our program. We endeavor to make an affordable model that gives our members as many opportunities as possible.

2023 BC Rugby acknowledges 1697s Rugby Club as a club!

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