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Community Partners

1697s RUGBY CLUB is thankful to our community and corporate partners that support our mission to grow and promote rugby in Prince George and Northern BC. Whether it is a one time donation or on-going support, 1697s RUGBY CLUB appreciates you helping us grow!

Community Partners: Testimonials

Can for stepped up to sponsor 1697s Rugby so we could invest in some good quality practice equipment!



Selen Alpay and David Chuvera have supported some of the biggest opportunities that have come our way!  They donated towards Kamloops 7s and Provincial Regional Championships 7s in Victoria. Thank you for supporting rugby in the North.

Canadian Tire Prince George

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We asked Ed Hubbell at Iridium Solutions, to set us up with first aid equipment to use at a youth jamboree. Ed donated the entire kit without charge. Thank you Ed!

Iridium Solutions, Prince George BC


Locate at 233 Westwood Drive in Prince George, the Westwood Pub is a great place for a social, a fundraiser or just to go for some great food. When we asked if Nate Coole would host a fundraiser in Spring 2022, he said yes and donated silent auction items. They went above and beyond with the 1697s Rugby Burger Night!

The Westwood Public House, Prince George BC


Did you know that Dakota, at Saltchuck Creative, designed the current 1697s Rugby Club logo? She is an extremely talented and professional artist that goes above and beyond!

Saltchuck Creative, Prince George BC


Corey Timms and his team at the Inland Group stepped up when we were fundraising for women's kit! In addition they are strong supporters of the Honour House Society!

Inland Group


Brink has sponsored many local athletes in their dreams to play their chosen sports. Brink sponsored rugby player Kyra McKinnon, who went on to play for UBC. Brink also contributed towards our women's uniform campaign!

Brink Group of Companies

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